About Us
Nersel zur MuehlenOUR MISSION:
At NERSEL&IRENE our mission is to create and give you timeless, high quality, completely hand-made gold jewelry that you can wear at various occasions, give to a loved one or pass onto your children. We aim to transform our rich history, art and culture into unique pieces of golden jewelry. Our goal is to bring you tradition with a twist; our craft is contemporary yet ancient, modern yet traditional, antique yet exciting. The piece you will buy from NERSEL&IRENE will be the most beautiful piece of your jewelry collection and will make you feel special.
NERSEL&IRENE is a private company owned by Nersel zur Muehlen and Irene Sokullu. Our headquarters are located in Hoboken, NJ, the hometown of Frank Sinatra. We work with an excellent design and production team to produce high quality gold jewelry. Each one of our pieces have a stamp that shows its karat, where the product is made and all our products come with our distinct company logo the Double Goddesses. We affirm that all our products are hand made by skilled and experienced craftspeople and they are made from quality gold. We carry only 18 or 24 karat solid gold products.
NERSEL&IRENE designs are inspired by the art and lives of people in the ancienttimes and far lands. These lands are the homes of some of the oldest civilizations in the world: Anatolian, Hittite, Mediterranean, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Ottoman, Roman and Byzantium civilizations. The cultural heritage of these lands goes back to 10,000 BC. Archeological findings from these times included glamorous jewelry. Women of Alexandria, Constantinople, Troy and Olympus wore jewelry for the purposes of protection, beautification and celebration of rebirth, life and fertility. NERSEL&IRENE Jewelry captures the history in the molds of gold, brings you this unique blend of culture, and shows that some things never go out of style. Own a piece of NERSEL&IRENE jewelry, own a piece of history…
Irem SokulluOUR LOGO:
The Twin Goddesses (the side-by-side Double Goddesses) embedded in our logo expresses the duality of the feminine archetype, such as opposite seasons (winter and summer, spring and fall); the alternating rhythm of day and night; the integration of death and life; or the female twin deities of Moon and Earth. The Twin Goddesses demonstrate a kinship connection, the relationship of lovers or friendship.
It is all about you. By buying NERSEL&IRENE Jewelry you will be buying quality, high-end, unique, hand-made designer jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones. You are special, sophisticated, rich, glamorous and worthy of the best. You have discovered something new, exciting and one of a kind. We hope that you enjoy wearing our jewelry. If you are buying our jewelry as a gift you took the time and spent the energy to search and find a unique piece of gold jewelry with great meaning. We are happy to help you make your loved one feel very special.
Our craftspeople have learned and mastered the art of jewelry making through years of apprenticeship and working as masters. All the jewelry our goldsmiths have created is completely hand-made with 18 or 24 karat gold. We greatly value our design team and our craftspeople; it is their talent, artistry and passion that make our collections special and unique.